SUMMARY: How to change/add a framebuffer device?

From: Chin Fang (fangchin@leland.Stanford.EDU)
Date: Wed Aug 04 1999 - 13:28:33 CDT

Dear fellow Sun Managers,

First of all, thanks to the following Sun Managers who responded to my
question (see below after my signature):

Tony Garner <>
Anthony Worrall <>
Matthew Stier <>
Dave Foster <>
Salehi, Michael E <>

Anthony nailed the correct answer. I followed his suggestion in
the following manner:

o put the transplanted system drive in the SS5 with the S24 card
o connect an external CDROM drive with the Solaris 5/99 CD in it
  to the target machine
o ok> boot -rs
o mount -F hsfs /dev/dsk/c0t6d0s0 /cdrom
o cd Solaris-2.7; cd Product ...
o pkgadd -d . SUNWtcx.m SUNWtcxow SUNWtcxu

then sync;sync;reboot. The system recognize the frame buffer immediately.

Many thanks again to Anthony for this tip. I should have checked
/opt in the original system drive first. I also could have done
a diff between the pkginfo output from a machine with TGX and TCX.


Chin Fang
=========================== original question ============================
Dear fellow Sun Managers,

I was attempting to move a system drive from a SPARCstation 5 with TGX
frame buffer to another SPARCstation 5 with S24. Upon booting up,
the OS complained about unable to find a console frame buffer.

o both SS5 are 170Mhz type
o the OS on the aforementioned system drive is Solaris 7 5/99

I indeed made a boot -r at ok prompt.

I have been unable to find in Sun docs (including several searches at how to make Solaris aware of the fact that the
target machine has a different framebuffer.

Is there an easy way to do so?

Thanks for any tips/hints.


Chin Fang

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