SUMMARY:Increasing number of ptys without rebooting

From: Sirisena, Navi (
Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 08:31:34 CDT

My question was,
 I want to increase the number of ptys without rebooting the system. I have
> run adb and increased the pt_cnt to 256 and nptys to 256 as well. I ran
> drvconfig and devlinks once this is done. However, /devices/pseudo still
> the same amount of devices it had before. Can some one explain this and
> me how to do this?
> I did search sunmgrs archive and found documents that said to do exactly
> what I did.

Casper Dik, & gave me the correct answer. Thanx to others
who replied

I do not need to increase nptys anyways.
You *CANNOT* increase the number of ptys without rebooting.

Here's why: when the system boots, an array of size pt_cnt *
is allocated; all structures in the array are initialized.

If you change pt_cnt when teh system is up, the amount of allocated memory
not increase. When you allocated the next pty, the system will use memory
beyond the amount actually allocated; data corruption will occur. The
will eventually panic.


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