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Date: Fri Jul 30 1999 - 08:58:00 CDT


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Subject: broadcast in a shutdown

I tried to run /usr/sbin/shutdown on my solaris 2.5.1, but instead of
actually shutting down, the machine tries to rwall a whole ton of
most of which are not even valid names, and never shuts down. I thought
was getting this list from /etc/hosts.equiv, but the file is empty. Any
have other ideas?

Thanks to everyone who answered! I've grouped they by answer:

Leonard, Roger []
Pickerill, Carl []
Mark Hargrave []
wall from doing a "showmount".

Ian MacPhedran []
James Ranks []
Thomas Anders []
Christopher L. Barnard []
Danny Johnson []

Check your /etc/rmtab file and see which machines have mounted your

Michael J. Connolly []
David W. Blaine []
James Coby []
Arthur Darren Dunham []
Mark Noel []
Joe Garbarino []
James Neal - HandiCAT []
Ronald Loftin []
Jay Lessert []
Look in /etc/mnttab and you will probably
 see a bunch of hosts that no longer exist. What I did was a cat /dev/null
> /etc/mnttab and that eliminated the problem.

Carle Brisson []
Pyne, Jeffrey [SMTP:Jeffrey.Pyne@Schwab.COM] []
/usr/sbin/shutdown is a script. You could disable the notify() call as a

Rau, Stafford A - CNF []
Because of this annoying behavior, I _never_ use shutdown, but instead use
 the init(1M) command. "init 6" to reboot, "init 5" to shutdown and
 "init s" to go to single user, and "init 0" to halt to the ok prompt.

wduvall []
It appeared that shutdown was trying
 to rwall every entry in the /etc/hosts file. I did a "cntrl-c" to stop it,
 I shutdown all databases and just did a reboot. []
It's a bug

Bill Hebert []
suggested checking my broadcast address


becki kain

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