SUMMARY: Booting from a different disk

From: Elsa De Dominicis (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 07:52:17 CDT

Hello Managers,

Thanks to the following people:
Russ Poffenberger
Craig Russell
David Robillard
Dave Foster
Ram Kumar
Sean Quaint
Chad Rytting
Matthew K. Bixby
Adzman SK
Stotsky Haim
Ray Buckley
Yasir Hamza
Nikolai P. Iordanov
Tony Garner
Raymond P. Delaney
Richard Andersson

I hope I am not leaving anyone out and Thanks to those people that are going
to reply later.

The Conclusion is:

1. at the OK prompt, check which one is your second boot disk.
    you can try "probe-scsi" to check the target and type "devalias" to
check what is the disk alias i.e. disk1 or disk2 etc. usually sd@0,0 is
target 0, sd@1,0 is target 1 etc.

2. type "boot disk1" if your second boot disk is target 1

4. to permanently boot this change the "boot-device" environment to
    whatever your second device alias is. type "printenv" to view
    "boot-device" environment. use "setenv boot-device <disk
devalias>" to change the default boot device.

Thank you,


>From: "Elsa De Dominicis" <>
>Subject: Booting from a different disk
>Date: Wed, 28 Jul 1999 13:10:58 PDT
>Hello Managers,
>CAn anybody tell me which is the command in order to boot from a different
>disk? I mean a second boot disk where I made a backup copy of the operating
>Thank you,
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