SUMMARY [2.]: Printerproblem with options

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 07:44:23 CDT

Hi all,

i got some more hints regarding printer options for HP JetAdmin.

Darie Duclos <>:

 The best place I found to put the default options for jetadmin-installed
 printers is in the 'configuration' file of each printer, on the host where
 jetadmin is installed. In /etc/lp/printers/<printername>, there is a file
 called 'configuration'. Whatever you put in there is a default for
 that printer queue. For example, I created multiple queues for the
 printer lw3, using jetadmin: each time I select the IP name of the
 printer (for example lw3), and for the "Lp destination (queue) name"
 I select something significant like "lw3d" for double-sided printing.
 Once the printer queue is created, I go to the /etc/lp/printer/lw3d
 directory and simply add the following line to the 'configuration' file:

 Options: duplex mtypeRecycled

 In my case, lw3d is a queue for printing 2up on recycled paper.
 You can find the options in the man pages which came with jetadmin.
 In our case, for a laserjet 5M, the man page is net_lj5x.

Brooke King <>:

 In each JetAdmin file, there is a line that reads:


 I inserted following this line:

 if [ -z "$options" ]
     options="$options vd"

 To make the "vd" option default, but overridable if someone cares
 to use "lp -o." I even put this in a script that is run after a
 print server gets JumpStarted (and has appropriate JetAdmin and
 other queues created) so that it is automatically part of the
 print server's configuration. It works great.

Perhaps this infos are useful for other. Maybe, it is not working
for all versions of HP JetAdmin software (see question from


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