SUMMARY: Memory tester?

From: David Carlin (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 13:18:45 CDT

I still haven't come across a good memory testing application. Many
people suggested SunVTS (Sun Validation Test Suite) which is available at
the following URL:

Many people replied saying SunVTS is on the Solaris CD as package
"SUNWvts" but I was unable to find it on there. I'm not sure if this is
because I have the free version of the Solaris CD. You can download a
copy from the above URL.

The program does some interesting tests, but doesn't do a very extensive
memory test. DSIMMs I know cause frequent memory parity errors pass
SunVTS with flying colors.

Others suggested setting "setenv selftest-#megs=xxx" in the prom to the
amount of ram you have, but again this test doesn't do much.

Thanks to the following:

Val <>
Bill Hebert <>
scott r kulp <>
Ken Tobin <>
Kevin Sheehan <>

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