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Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 06:56:39 CDT


I received a number of responses regarding used Sun Equipment and I decided
to take an Intel box and put Sun on it. Thanks to all for your help as there
were many.



Don't know about used hardware prices, but don't forget you can get a "free"
version of Solaris for Intel and just put it on a PC. Of course, the
are different from SPARC and most 3rd party apps don't run on that platform,
if all you want to do is learn Solaris, it's a nice way to go.
Ive never used these folks, but you might try Encore technology group

Anothe possibility is Rave Computer assoc (1-800-966-7283;
Again , I've never used them.
Check out (a seller on ebay). I bought two Sparc 2
and a 100mb NIC from him. Do an ebay user info request on him and give him
a phone call (he wasn't very responsive to emails when I dealt with him).
said he had many more Sun items that were not listed on ebay
$300 would be an amazingly good price for this system, but I'll tell you
quite frankly that it's not going to sell for such a low price. Take a
look at completed deals (do an eBay search for "sparc 20" and you'll find
lesser systems (i.e. other sparc 20s with less RAM, smaller disks or no
monitor/kbd/mouse) selling for a lot more than $300.

The Sparc 20 is a pretty high-end machine as a home/starter system. If
you're prepared to spend in the $800+ ballpark, you'll be fine; but if
$300 is your target price, you ought to consider something like a Sparc
Classic, LX, Sparc 2 or IPX. A complete system based on one of these
CPUs, with a color display, keyboard and mouse should sell in the $250
to $350 ballpark.

eBay has a wonderful feature for figuring out the value of an item - you
can 'search' for a keyword (like "sparc") then do a "Search for completed
items" to see matching items that have already sold, along with their
final selling prices. For any system that's on sale now, there's probably
a similar system that has already sold in the recent past.
Check out Sun's remanufactured hardware site for a comparison (admittedly
on the high end):

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FAQ On Solaris For Intel

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