[Summary] Can I use SPARCstation SBUS cards in SBUS Ultras???

From: Bryan Smith (bjs@crc.com)
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 07:26:48 CDT

[Summary] Can I use SPARCstation SBUS cards in SBUS Ultras???

Yes, but apparently not my card. Both Brad Young and Dave Floyd
have tried the same with the same card I have to no avail.
Apparently, there are some select SBUS cards that have older
revisions and interfaces that do NOT work with newer SBUS-based
Ultra systems. Mr. Floyd also pointed out the actual
interface of the card, an X1055 interface, based on my
description of the card, with a term power light.

Other people who also pointed out that I may have trouble and
needed to reference Sun's support site were Unixboy@aol.com,
Stephen N. Carter, Thomas Anders and a host of others. I thank
all of you and especially other suggestions (like using the
serial port to make sure it was not a conflict with the video).
Someone also mentioned that there may be a patch (OpenBoot? Or
Solaris?) that may fix the incompatibility.

Anyhow, again, thanx to everyone who responded. I am going to
see if I can get ahold of a FastWide SCSI SBUS card for use in
the Ultra-1 instead. Supposively our corporate IS/IT department
has a spare.

-- Bryan "TheBS" Smith

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