SUMMARY:New NIS client.(Sol 2.6 install)

From: Mohan Movva (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 17:52:56 CDT

Hi all !

I had to take support from SUN Engineers.

It turned out to be a hardware issue.(ethernet card related)
packets are not going out from this box.


Original question...

Hi all !

I have a question.

Iam trying to add a client to a NIS environment.
It is a old Sparc(5) with 32Mb RAM.(Big configuration)
Iam installing Sol 2.6 on this machine.
The install process goes well till it asks for the nameservice.
It asks for HOstname, Ip address, and then for a Nameservice.
I choose NIS and ask it to find a Nameserver.It returns with a RPCBIND error.
I tried giving the server hostname and IP, but still i get the same message.

It asks me to install and then run ypinit -c
I tried this,but after install i cant find the yp commands.

Message is as below:

Starting Remote Procedure CAll(RPC) services:sysidnisjul 23 11:11:11 rpcbind:
udp: address in use
Jul23 11:11:11 rpc bind: tcp: address in use
Jul23 11:11:11 rpc bind: ticlts: address in use
Jul23 11:11:11 rpc bind: ticotsord: address in use
Jul23 11:11:11 rpc bind: ticots: address in use
Jul23 11:11:11 rpc bind: Could not find loopback transports.

I tried to ping the ip address which i gave to this new client, and i dont get
any response, and iam sure there is machine in this network with this IP.

The NIS Master and Slave are Ultra10 machines with Sol 2.5.1

I checked the past summaries, but could not find any thing like this.

Thanks in Advance.

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