[late summary] Re: Setup a loghost?

From: Robert Johannes (rjohanne@piper.hamline.edu)
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 07:08:35 CDT

Sorry for this delayed summary about how to get syslogd to log
remotely. Thanks alot to the people below for all their help on setting
up a loghost, especially you Haniotakis.

Linda S Gee
Haniotakis Vangelis
and some more people whose names I can't remember
at the moment.

The authoritative answer I would say came from Haniotakis, who gave a
detailed explanation of how he setup a loghost at his LAN.

The answer included setting up an /etc/syslog.auth file, which lists all
the hosts that will send thier logs to the loghost. This detail (of
creating an /etc/syslog.auth file) is not documented in the man pages
for syslogd or syslog.conf, and would have been crazy to try to figure
out its existence, had Haniotakis not mentioned it.

I simply did some thing like this, to get syslog to log
/var/adm/messages to a remote host:
*.err;kern.debug;daemon.notice;mail.crit @hostname.domain.com

I also discovered that syslog.conf does not like to be changed much.
E.g, I put a commented line between two "live" lines, and syslogd would
not log messages; then when I removed the commented line, it logged
fine. I tried this several times. Is this file sensitive to a certain
structure only?

Thanks alot for all those who helped. I now have syslog remotely

Robert Johannes

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