Partial Summary: Vendors with fixed-frequency video cards ...

From: Bryan Smith (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 21:18:38 CDT

Partial Summary: Vendors with fixed-frequency video cards ...

Well, it looks like it is next to impossible to find a card for
these monitors for under $100. But you can get newer cards with
some of the latest chipsets for under $200 at least (although
that usually means a XFree86 driver is lacking for awhile).

Two of these vendors are:

There is also so more info in the FAQ for news:comp.sys.apollo.
Is there an equivalent section in any Sun FAQ (Managers,
newsgroup(s), etc...)?

Still good info to have the next time I retire a SPARCstation.
Most of this thanks goes to Nickolai Zeldovich whg runs an
Apollo-oriented page @

-- TheBS

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