[SUMMARY] "stop a" from console ttya

From: Sean Korten (kortens@verdi.iisd.sra.com)
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 17:40:36 CDT

Thanks to all of the following people:

Arthur Darren Dunham
Aravind Mallipudi
Jonathan Loh
Ed Sanborn
Sydney Weinstein
Doug Otto

The unanamous answer was to send a break to the terminal. In reflecting I
should have known this, but I guess I just wasn't thinking straight.

Related to this: It seems that Windows Hyperterminal is not capable of
sending a break signal. Silly MS...

Original question is as follows:

> I have an E5500 that I am ready to install Solaris 2.6 on. I have
> established a tty console on my laptop. Now the only thing that is
> holding me back is that I do not know how to do a "stop a" so I can tell
> the machine to do a "boot net - install".

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