[summary] Volume Manager disks.

From: Arthur Darren Dunham (add@netcom.com)
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 12:18:04 CDT

In my original message, I mentioned I was trying to bring some misued
Volume Manager disks back under VM control, but was getting error

# vxdisk init c1t10d0
vxvm:vxdisk: ERROR: Device c1t10d0s2: define failed:
        Disk is not usable

Most responses mentioned running 'vxdctl enable'. This didn't seem to
do anything at all.

I'd already tried to remove traces of the old VM data by doing a newfs
over a fulldisk slice, but some others mentioned that I would need to
nuke the partition map also.

I placed a blank partion map (just slice 2 as overlap) on the disks and
tried again. vxdisk init failed, but 'vxadiskadd <disk>' worked just
fine. (I may have mistyped the vxdisk init).

Thanks for all the responses!

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