SUMMARY: Printerproblem with options

From: Detlev Habicht (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 05:17:32 CDT

Hi all!

My questions was:

 Where is the place to put an option as default for a printer queue?
 (Solaris 2.5.1) When i use for example the command lp -o nnn filename, i want
 to have a queue, where nnn is already a defined option.

 I have the same question, when i am using a queue installed via jetadmin.
 Maybe, it is here a little bit different. Perhaps there is a good place
 somewhere in the scripts ... ( i didn't find it ... )

I got no answer for my first question, how to make a special option
default for a queue. I don't find a way. Maybe, i have to read some
more manpages ...

I got a hint for jetadmin queues. In /etc/lp/interfaces/model.orig is the
interface script for the queue. Look for the function Init_variables().
There you can change the defaults for the variables. But take the
right values. The commandline options are changed to other values,
for example A4 is changed to ISOA4. In function Parsing_Options() you
find the right values for the options.

B.t.w.: We are using printers.conf with NIS. In printers.conf it is possible
to define aliases for printernames. I think this is with System V normally
not possible. But it is not possible to define here options.

Thanx to:

Michael "J." Connolly <>
Matthew Stier <>
dharringt <> (David B. Harrington)
Nickolai Zeldovich <>


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