SUMMARY: Power problem

From: Jeff Kennedy (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 13:51:23 CDT

Most everyone pointed to the power daemon in one form or another. Either
move the startup script so it doesn't start and kill the daemon or remove
the power packages all together. I took the startup script/kill daemon
route. So far, no problems.

Tom Crummey pointed out that there was a bug in the frame buffer, and
Thomas Anders listed the actual patch for it (105492). I haven't installed
the patch yet but it looks promising. It was mentioned that it was just
for the blank screen saver but the patch description made no mention of a
specific saver and I had problems with every saver I tried, not just the

Thanks to:
Thomas Anders Jason Marshall
Julie Fisher Mark Hargrave
Tom Crummey Richard Skelton
Stacy Lindberg Edward Zimmerman
Alvaro Coronel Scott Kulp
Jeff Woolsey

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 Subject: Power problem

I am having an issue with one of our Sparc 10's. Every so often the
monitor will go black and not come back unless I reboot. It looks like a
blank screen saver but doesn't act like one. The monitor still has power
to it.

I went through the power.conf file but the NOTE stated that it doesn't have
any affect if running a window system, which I am (CDE). I checked the
screen option in style manager and the screen saver is set for 30 minutes
with a lock after 40.

The system is not sleeping as I can still telnet into the box. All
processes and previous telnet sessions are still running and I can start
new ones. All the while the screen stays black. Stop-a doesn't even pull
it out of it's funk. I have to power cycle or telnet in and reboot.

I have pulled the frame buffer and tested it on another machine, I even
installed a new frame buffer. I've also tried a different monitor, no
luck. There doesn't seem to be any consistency either. Sometimes it will
stay on for a week, other times it will blackout after 3 hours. It doesn't
matter how long it's been idle either, still up after a 3 day weekend but
can go down 15 minutes after it's been used.

I don't see any weird processes running either that might cause something
like this. This machine is pretty much used as a telnet box for a dba,
nothing is running on it except standard Solaris 2.6 end user install. No
patches though, which has crossed my mind but none of the other dba's have
patches and they don't have the problem.


~Jeff Kennedy

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