SUMMARY: Mail problem.

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Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 12:31:57 CDT


You guys are great!! Thanks to Timothy Lorenc,Bruce Zimmer, Roger Fuji and
William Kupersanin who hit the nail on the head. Thanks also to all of you
who responded

Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
Ray Saddler
Paul R. Hybert
Bill Crane
Steve Harris
Timothy Lindgren
sasha e
Leif Ericksen
Kevin Sheehan
Stefan Voss
Alvaro Coronel

I forgot to mention in my original post an important piece of info - I'd
loaded Solaris 2.6 on all my machines as I was upgrading from 2.4. Mail
stopped working after that.

Anway the solution as many of u pointed out was to copy the file to, in the /etc/mail directory,on all the machines.

A second solution would be to copy to on one machine and
designate this as the mailhost and add entries in the /etc/hosts file on all
the other machines designating this as the mailhost.I haven't tried this

Now everything works fine.

Thanks again!!

Selvyn Thomas

>Problem:I'm unable to send mail from one machine to a user on another
>The command I'm using is
>mail username@hostname
>ctrl d
>1)I'm not using NIS or DNS and all machines have a /etc/hosts file.
>2)All machines run Solaris 2.6
>3) The msg I get from mail saying that the msg I sent is undeliverable
>contains the following line.
> Host unknown (Name Server : mailhost :host not found)
>To me it looks like its unable to resolve hostname to ip address. So what
>does mail use if its not using the /etc/hosts file?
>Will summarise.
>Thanks in advance.
>Selvyn Thomas
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