Summary: ftp funny

From: Tang, TY (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 21:05:00 CDT

Hi all,
Many thanks to the following helpful people who have suggested to help me:

Birger Wathne
Dave Harrington
adzman sk
Danny Johnson
Chad Price
Sue Peterson

My original question:
"I have no problem ftp to a Solaris 2.6 Sun Sparc20 system. I have the
username and password fine. However, when I do a simple "ls" command, the
screen shows an "empty" list even though in reality, there are many files.

Any idea how I should tackle this?

The Solaris system has not configured for anonymous ftp by the way."

The answer:
I have fixed the problem and it was due to the missing "ls" program in /bin
directory. I did a find for ls to look for another ls program. I found one
in /usr/ucb. Copy it over to /bin and later when I ftp to this server, I
have a normal ls behavior. Makes me wonder when this file or any others have
started to be missing....

TY Tang

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