SUMMARY: Anybody using Solaris Easy Access Server??

From: Gibbs, Malcolm (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 16:25:58 CDT

I asked if anybody had any experience in using the 'Solaris Easy Access
Server' bundle of products to provide file/print/email/directory services to
Windows 95/NT PC Clients?? 'Easy Access' includes the products SunLink PC
(file/print), Sun Directory Services (security/authentication/directory),
Sun Internet Mail Server and miscellaneous management tools

I had one response as follows. I guess the remainder must be using SAMBA but
we were looking for a solution that provides full NT domain authentication
that links into a LDAP backend server, which from my research SAMBA is just
not there yet.

Malcolm Gibbs
Unisys (NZ) Ltd.
email: mobile:+64 25 2859196

We happily use SunLink PC. I've set up one Solaris system as a PDC and
another as a BDC. I've imported my NIS password file into the SAM
and everything works just great. You can also share filesystems/
directories on the UNIX machine so PC users can access them in the
Network Neighborhood or mount them as network drives.

As far as the PC's are concerned, the Solaris machines are just
another NT server.

Tim Evans 

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