SUMMARY: [2] serious problems after attempted install of Patch ID 106541-05

From: Nico Wieland (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 06:08:12 CDT

Hi again,

i got some interesting info from Casper (


Nico Wieland


>Some questions still remain though:
>- What (if anything) is wrong with the patch? (I actually don't think
>it's only the patch's fault, as there are obviously *lots* of successful
>patch installations.)
>- How to avoid this trouble/what exactly screws up the affected systems?
>- Why does this happen only on some systems but not on others?
>(Hardware-independend btw, there are affected Ultra60, Ultra5, etc.)

After installing teh patch, before rebooting, check /dev/sysmsg for
existance and check the device it points to; there also need to be
entries in
several /etc/ files:

sysmsg:msglog 0600 root sys
sysmsg:sysmsg 0600 root sys

sysmsg 111

(the major number will differ)


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