Summary: Help with cde problem

From: Randy Pace (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 14:48:33 CDT

Several people told me to check the ttdbserverd and see what it was
saying and one person told me to check and seee if it was there (It

The following 2 sent what appeared to be the solution for my site. and
        Davide Tonelli <>
mentioned that it looks like a break in to my system!
They both gave good info on how to tell what was happening and I decided
to remove the ttdbserver from inet because we are not using any of the
funcionality at this time so we have resolved the issue.

Thanks to all who sent a suggestion.

Original message:
> I am having a problem with my cde on Solaris 2.6 on Ultra 1 machine.
> In the /var/adm/messages file I am getting the following every 5 to 10

> minutes:
> Jul 16 09:44:27 genie inetd[174]: /usr/dt/bin/rpc.ttdbserverd: Child
> Status Changed
> A symptom of this is that it takes about 5 minutes for a CDE session
> login to the machine, whereas a command-line login takes about 30
> seconds.

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