Summary: Solstice Backup 5.1 issues

From: Herb Goodfellow, Jr. (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 14:47:51 CDT

Many thanks to all of you that responded. The general vibe I got was
that the initial set-up of this product is challenging, but once it is
configured it really does a great job. I was given the name of a
consulting firm local the the Washington, DC area that looks like they
are going to be able to solve the problems we are having. Special
thanks to Dave Harrington for that tip in.

There were some other tid bits that have helped:

Chan Cao wrote:

The Networker server communicates with clients via the nsrexecd -s
running on the clients. You should have the clients not to compress
as I always find hardware compression is better. Compression can render
your clients with heavy loads.

Clients belongs to groups, groups in turn belong to schedules...

You can use the GUI to define your backup strategy up to a point but
you hit the limit of a few months in the future, it's hard to really
any fine controls. Budtool allows you to select individual dates up to
a year then you'll have to schedule backups as you reach the end of that
calendar year.

The directives are primarily used to exclude backups. You have some
to write your own directives. Backups levels with higher number
data backed up from lower levels (it could be the other way around)...

If you have some scripting skills, very fine level control can be
by interfacing with nsradmin. You would have to launch it interactively
and study the way to do querries and update the schedule, tape, group,
databases. Then add logic to your script and control your backups that

And many folks suggested a Networker mailing list:
You can subscribe to by sending email to

with the message:

        subscribe networker

(I am on it now.)

There is a searchable knowledge base at:

Finally, a number of folks suggested we scrub Networker all together and
go with Amanda:

Thanks to all of you again!


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