SUMMERY:Sendmail 8.9.3 on Solaris2.6

From: Ahmad, Imran (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 19:27:29 CDT

Thanks to the many of you, for your quick response.
Here are few those help me in my problem;

1)James Ford []
# touch /etc/mail/aliases.db
# newaliases
makemap dbm instead of hash
3)Leif Ericksen []
4)Jim Bacon []
'touch' the file 'aliases.db', then run makemap.
5)Bill Hebert []
"makemap" isn't built or installed
6)Mareike Ernst []
either get a newer version of makemap or try different db types
7)N Chandrasekhar []
Build -c -L<NewDB Lib files path> -I<NewDB Include Path>

And many others, thanks again for your help.
The best solution that I got was from N. Chandrasekhar;
Actually, when I complied sendmail I missed to mentioned the Include path
for Berkly DB. It complied the sendmail with newdb but when I try to run, it
create problem.
So I recomplied my sendmail and makemap by giving the correct path for the
db libs and inludes file. And It works fine now.
Thanks again for your help.
Here was my problem;
I complied sendmail8.9.3 on solaris2.6 with Berkely DB version 2.7.3.
After compiling the sendmail, I tried to run it, and I got the following
>Cannot open hash database /etc/mail/aliases.db: Invalid argument
I haven't specify "aliases.db" any where.
When I try to create db file, by using the following command
makemap -s hash /etc/mail/aliases.db < /etc/mail/aliases.db
it gives me following error;
makemap: cannot open type hash map /etc/mail/access.db
even if I tried to create access file by
 makemap -s hash /etc/mail/access < /etc/mail/access
It gave the error
makemap: cannot open type hash map /etc/mail/access.db
I couldn't figure out why makemap putting .db for each file.

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