[Summary] What application do you use to exercise memory on Suns?

From: Ron E. Nelson (rnelson@nospam.visi.com)
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 14:58:34 CDT

I heard from several people, with only two options... if anyone has
any other suggestions, I will re-summarize.

First: Tim Carlson <tim@santafe.edu> suggested Octave from
(download from ftp://ftp.che.wisc.edu/pub/octave/ )

with the command


And then

Jason M. Feilbach" <jason@byu.edu>
Luis Pablo Perez <pperez@cidi.com.ar>
Wade Stuart <Wade.Stuart@osagemn.com>
"Terry Franklin" <tfranklin@home.com>

Suggested I use SunVTS. Wade had the best description:

    SunVTS is a system testing suite that comes with Solaris and can
    be downloaded from Suns website. Your sun reseller should have
    been able to tell you about this... =)


I'm using SunVTS on some of these systems now, but this isn't the
ideal solution IMHO. This requires that I copy the directory for
SUNWvts over to the system to be tested. (Though it does not require
the package to be installed...) Also, this only works on Solaris 2.6+
systems. And I can't boot into 2.6 via the net in single user mode
and run the test either.

But SunVTS does seem to give a worthy workout, judging by the system
panics that it caused.

Thanks again for the help,


>>>>> "Ron" == Ron E Nelson <rnelson@nospam.visi.com> writes:

    Ron> Every now and then I have a system that is reported as
    Ron> failing. Of course, I'd like to exercise the system and see
    Ron> the fault myself.

    Ron> For working a pair of CPUs, either seti@home or the
    Ron> distributed.net packages work quite nicely, pegging the CPU
    Ron> load at 1.0 quickly. However, neither of these apps abuse
    Ron> memory.

    Ron> Does anyone have a favorite application for exercising
    Ron> memory?

    Ron> Thanks,

    Ron> Ron

    Ron> -- http://www.visi.com/~rnelson/


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