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Thanks to the many of you who responded!!! The solution came early this
morning from Patrick R. Demorais. Thank you very much!!! Many people
suggested using VNC:
which I have been using for several months and
highly recommend it, unfortunately it does not give me the control that I
am looking for. For remote desktops from a variety of machines, VNC
is great, but it requires at the minimum a client piece to be installed on
the remote machine. XMX will (allowing for correct magic-cookie) simply
pop a window up on the requested client with a controlling window on
your root. This is strictly X-based, so no fun stuff like controlling your
desktop from your palmpilot (ala VNC).

Original post:

>Is there a way to open a single occurance of an xterm on two machines
>at the same time? Something like "xterm|tee xterm -display bobsmachine:0.0.
>Either that or is there a way to "shadow" (like with Citrix Winframe) a user's
>display on another box?
>I basically want to be able (as administrator) type commands for a user and
>allow the user to see them and for me to see what they type.

The winning answer:

try this.

i tried version 1 of this back in 1994 or so, and it did just what i
wanted it to do then (i used it in a training environment). i've no
idea what the current state of the technology is today, though.


Interesting answers that will bear further investigation:

If it's pure terminal stuff your interested in, takje a look at the screen

I found my copy at

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________________________________________________ Check out and look at their Double Vision product. It allows just what you are looking for with any terminal device (tty, pty, etc...) We use it here for just that purpose

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This one looks really cool, but you have to have at least an ULTRA.

Have you checked out SunForum. It's free from Sun. Look at:

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I use xkibitz which is an Expect application. You have to install TCL and Expect. xkibitz comes with the Expect package.



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