SUMMARY:Looking for way to create Adobe PDF file from Solaris

Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 12:06:45 CDT

Thank you all very much for the many many replies. I am really overwhelmed
by all the solutions and tips being provided by this list, you all are

I have tested ps2pdf and txt2pdf and the winner for my problem is txt2pdf.
There are other good tools being mentioned as well but I have not got the
chance to test them out but I want to mention here so others may use it for
reference in the future.

The tools are:

GhostScript, version 5.50, available from

PStill It

īs shareware. The license costs
U$40,00 for commercial/government use or U$20,00 for private/educational

Itīs freeware.

tex, dvips, pdftex

postprint is also a good tool to convert the text file into postscript
format then use ps2pdf to convert it to pdf format

you can use txt2pdf - It's
shareware - US$25,00 every license. It requires PERL5 -

You could do this with Frame Maker. You'd have to read in the text,
then save it as PDF.

Try ImageMagik, a free collection of conversion programs..

You can do something as simple as "convert text.txt text.pdf".

The package is available from

Check out the SDF package:

You can convert your text directly to HTML, PostScript, or PDF.

Take a look at

They have tools like pdf2txt, txt2pdf, pstopdf, etc.

Sorry that I did not mentioned individual names because they are just too

Thanks again and have a good summer time!


Here is the original question:

To All Helpers:

The platform is Solaris 2.6 running Ultra Enterprise II.

We have got a 7000 pages of text file that need to convert to Adobe PDF
file format.
Could anyone share your insight on this, specially the freeware will be
great? I know the Adobe Acrobat 3.0 for Unix will do the job which will
cost $295 for single user.

Thanks in advance,


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