SUMMARY: Solaris 7 with Newbridge ATM

From: John Horne (
Date: Wed Jul 14 1999 - 06:10:20 CDT

I got no replies to this, so no summary as such. I think we will have to
just try it and see; if it fails then we'll scrap the Newbridge stuff.


Original question:
> In about a month I am due to upgrade our E3000 from Solaris 2.5.1 to
> Solaris 7. This will be a full installation, rearranging and formatting
> the disks, upgrade the prom for 64 bit, etc. The works. No problem, except
> that I have now remembered that this system uses a Newbridge ATM network
> card - all our other Suns use standard 10MB ethernet. I am told, from our
> Networking people, that Newbridge do not have a Solaris 7 driver, but a
> Solaris 6 one still in testing. So the question is will our 2.5.1 driver
> work under Solaris 7? Has anyone tried this? The only information I have
> about the driver is from pkginfo which shows:
> system NNCatmnic Newbridge Networks ATM Network Interface Card
> (Solaris 2.x)
> I appreciate that this is dicey and that I am obviously going to have to
> find out more about where the config files (or whatever) are located on
> the system. Unfortunately I wasn't involved in the installation of the ATM
> card when the system first arrived. It would seem obvious to just ask
> Newbridge, but, as said, they just state that there is a 2.6 driver in
> testing and nothing for Solaris 7.

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