SUMMARY: termcap/terminfo problem?

From: Bernt Christandl (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 10:21:57 CDT

Hello managers,

my original question is at the end...

Obviously in the past i found it to be a good idea to install
the ncurses-library, which gnu-configure is looking for.

Maybe i installed a wrong one, but now when i try to build less
and texinfo with a disabled ncurses-library, anything went smooth
and i can see no problems anymore (with less and texinfo :)

My thanks again to all of you who kindly took time to answer
and help me!

Best regards,

Bernt Christandl (

My original question:
i'm working on a Sparc 10 under Solaris 2.6, all recommended
and y2k-patches installed.

I have installed some gnu-utilities, without errors or warnings,
but now have two terminal-related problems.

I've tried with xterm/dtterm and csh/tcsh/bash and on 2 different
standalone machines.

When i use less (e.g. as "ls -lR | less")
it starts with a message

> WARNING: terminal is not fully functional
> - (press RETURN)

and after <Return> it displays my listing.

I can't get gnu info starting properly. When i enter "info",
the only thing happening (written to the screen :) is an error:

> info: Terminal type "xterm" is not smart enough to run Info.
> info: Terminal type "dtterm" is not smart enough to run Info.

To me this sounds like a termcap/terminfo problem.
Can someone please tell me, where exactly to look for it and what
to do to fix it?

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