SUMMARY: Strange msgs in syslog from nscd: gethostbyaddr ...

From: Johan Nyberg (
Date: Tue Jul 13 1999 - 09:35:21 CDT


My original question is at the end. I got two quick replies from Tim
Carlson and James Ford explaining to me what is going on. The problem
is that there are a lot of misconfigured DNS boxes out there for which
the reverse DNS does not match the forward DNS, or people are sending
out a mismatching IP name and address. These messages are not
dangerous, although irritating.


Original question:

> Since I turned on more logging I keep getting these messages
> in my syslogs with a frequency of about one per hour:
> Jul 12 22:33:16 hostnam nscd[18940]: [ID 484914 user.notice]
> gethostbyaddr: !=
> The IP name and address is not always the one given above, although
> this is the most common one.
> Is somebody trying to break in to my systems and if so then what
> should I do?


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