SUMMARY: poppassd and solaris 2.6

Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 12:07:01 CDT

Turns out that passwd has changed from 2.5.1 to current releases,
there is an extra space after the password prompt. Just edit source and

Thanks to the follow:

Tim Pointing <>

I got "poppassd" from the Qualcomm site (sigh - turns out to be version
and it failed with my Solaris 2.7 mail server like yours is. I didn't have
the spare time to figure out just WHY it was failing but I did find a
to fix it. I just made sure ALL of the expect strings ended with a space!!
After that, it ran flawlessly! Go figure. Presumably a problem in the
"match()" subroutine. Anyway, give that a try and see if it helps.

Anand Buddhdev <>

Not sure about Solaris 2.6, but I had a similar problem on solaris 7
recently. It turns out that the poppassd program did not have the right
strings in its P[1-4] structures for the version of /bin/passwd shipping
this new solaris. Basically, poppassd has in its code a set of strings
defined which let poppassd expect certain strings from the passwd program,
and it uses these to determine whether the password change was successful
or not. In the case of solaris 7, the P2 and P3 structures had the right
string, but there a space missing at the end of the "New password: "
string, and the P4 structure needed an additional string, because the
response from passwd on Sol7 is different. Try looking at the code and
changing these and recompiling. If you still have trouble, let me know,
I might be able to help with a diff, but like I said, I had solaris 2.5.1
and then sol7, so I don't know about sol 2.6.

Juan Manuel Del Rio <>

the poppassd changes the password making a connection to server with a
terminal, it
makes a dialog ej:

passwd pepito-perez
changing passwd for pepito-perez
old passwd :

this dialog change in solaris2.5 -> 2.6/7 and you can edit the source and

Thanks to everyone. Gotta love this list.

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