SUMMARY: Sun Pics NeWSprinter CL+

From: Herb Goodfellow, Jr. (
Date: Mon Jul 12 1999 - 09:34:59 CDT

Many thanks to all that responded. There were a number of suggestions
that I think will benefit other folks that use legacy printers on their
Solaris boxes. In short, the Sun Pics NeWSprinter CL+ is a Canon
BubbleJet 800 series at heart.

First, use the latest version of Ghostscript with the right driver
compiled for your printer and you'll be OK. At no cost, you should be
able to set it up as a standard printer, and then use GhostScript to
provide Postscript rasterization. We are a school, so we opted for this

Second, If you want commercial product. The typical recommendation is
PostShop from Vividata.

Third, Artman suggested this, "If you have another box -or- you don't
HAVE to have Solaris 7. Just load up Solaris 2.5 and get the most
recent patch cluster along with the most recent Y2K patch cluster and
load your NewSprint Driver. Turn this machine into a print server on
your network via the BSD Print protocol and have at it from your other
Solaris 7 box(es)."

Once again THANKS. You guys are great!


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