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Date: Sun Jul 11 1999 - 20:23:50 CDT

Hello all!

Thanks for all the quick replies.specially for .

the solution for me was in suns SRDB 13183.
It is do do with the "LINGER" time.

Extract from SRDB 13183:

This is due to the LINGER time for the compiler (in this case
sunpro.c) in /etc/opt/licenses/daemon_options is set to 300 seconds
(5 minutes).

  To change this, do the following:

  1. su
  2. cd /etc/opt/licenses
  3. ./lmdown -c ./licenses_combined -q
  4. vi daemon_options file

 NOTE: changing the LINGER value for sunpro.c to "20" enables you
 to grab the license within 20 seconds after your last compile. This
 should be enough time when finishing one file to grab the license
 again when doing a large make file.

 5. /etc/rc2.d/S85lmgrd

 To re-start lmgrd, the license manager. You can check the license log
 file to see if it was able to get the port that the license manager needs.
 If not, it will wait until it is freed up (this could take up to
 15 minutes). If the port was given to a login session or another process
 that will hold it for a longer period of time, you might want to reboot
 your system.

Thanks again!

wang zhiyao

> Hello managers !
> I have only 1 workshop cc licenses.But in my group, Several peoples
> to use it.
> The problem is after a peoper has used it ,another people must wait for a
> while long time(about to 5-10 minute) to get the right to use it though
> nopeople is using it just at that time.Is anyway to avoid it other than
> purchasing more licenses.Is there optional to shorten the waiting time?
> Machine: enterprise 3000
> OS : Solaris 2.6
> Windows: CDE
> language : zh
> IDE: Visual workshop 4.0
> Thanks in advance.
> Wang zhiyao.

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