SUMMARY: Solaris & Perl

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Date: Fri Jul 09 1999 - 13:02:06 CDT
SUMMARY: Solaris & Perl

Thanks to:
Brian Friday
Don Freeley
Lee Trujillo
Davin Milun
Vladimir Parkhaev
Bill Armand
Mike Fletcher
Brad Young
Robert L. Harris
David Evans
Kenneth Munno
Ken Tobin
Damon LaCaille
Michael Wang
Damon LaCaille
Daniel Polombo
Jon Trygve Utne
Rodney Wines
Gerhard den Hollande...
Benno (
Brownsword, Thomas M...
Steve Williams

The unified response was to check

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You are better off checking the website...

Thanks to all those who replied.

Conner McCleod

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