SUMMARY: gnu g++ compiler - iostream.h

From: Cathy L Smith (
Date: Thu Jul 08 1999 - 19:27:22 CDT


sorry about the very late summary on this. i did
eventually resolve my problem. however, i was only
able to work on the problem in bits and pieces over
a couple of weeks.

my original question concerned building the g++ compiler
from gcc, using version 2.8.1. i am not sure if my
original mistake was in the building of the gcc compiler
or in adding the additional libraries. since the answers
i received essentially duplicated the instructions i
had, i just started over from scratch. i down loaded
the latest version of gcc, and the additional libraries,
libg++ and libstdc++, from:
then i just followed the directions. this time everything
worked fine.

my original question is attached below. i would like to
thank the following individuals for their assistance:

Eric Lewandowski <>
Gary Smith <>
Tony Lawson <>
Rick Robino <>
Ronald Loftin <>

> i've down loaded and built gnu distributions of gcc 2.8.1 and libstdc++
> for solaris 2.6. the gcc compiler is working fine, but i am
> having trouble with the g++ compiler. these distributions do not
> include the iostream.h header file. am i missing another piece of the
> distribution that includes this file, or do i need to include a
> different header file to get streaming i/o? i've searched the various
> newsgroups and found this topic mentioned several times. the only
> solution i could find was to build the egcs version of the g++
> compiler. does anyone have a different solution that would make the gnu
> version usable? i can not down load any of the solaris binaries as
> either the corporate firewall doesn't allow that, or the proxy server is
> overloaded today.


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