SUMMARY: E-150 SBus slots: 2 or 3?

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 19:46:27 CDT

Thanks to:
        "Peter L. Wargo" <>
        "Matthew Stier" <>

Original question:
>I have an E-150 which has two SBus cards in it. I would like to add one
>more. The machine appears to have another slot, both on the I/O panel
>and on the motherboard, but that extra slot (the one not stacked) does
>not work. I even tried changing sbus-probe-list from 012 (the default)
>to 0123, 012f, and 012e. Nothing worked.

Both said it should just work. Thus, we probably have a bad
motherboard. :-(

        David L. Markowitz Director, UNIX Software Litronic Industries

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