SUMMARY patching autoclients

From: Dave Martini (
Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 18:26:58 CDT

The answer is YES you have to patch the autoclients as well as the server
the most detailed response came from rc smith.

You have touched on one of the few weaknesses with autoclient technology:
You'll need to apply the patches to both the server and the clients and this is a
very lengthy
and time consuming effort. To patch properly, use the AdminSuite tool
"admclientpatch" after
you have patched the server and spooled the patches for the clients
(read doc on autoclient patching at for details)

admclientpatch patches ALL the clients for you and doesn't allow selective client
The patching takes a looonng time for each client.

Tip: on each client, link /var/spool/print -> /tmp/print to speed up printing
(print client only).
        (since /tmp/ is re-written at reboot, you'll need to establish this link
in an rc2.d script)
        In fact if /var is heavily used on the clients, link it to a local disk.

Dave Martini wrote:

> Does anyone know if it is necessary to install the OS recommended/security
> patches onto an autoclient or is patching the autoclient server good enough?
> Each autoclient has it's own /var space on the server in
> /export/root/hostname/var.
> Thank you
> Dave Martini

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