SUMMARY: How do I setup a stripe set under Solaris 2.6...aka which version of Disksuite should I use?

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Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 16:06:28 CDT

Received many helpful answers and additional tips/instructions not directly
related to my question but still very useful information. Thanks to all who
responded. Responses/credit and original question are below. I found the
software on the Intranet Server CD...

Solaris 2.6 Server ships with DiskSuite 4.1.
The install package is on the Intranet Server CD. (It is not listed on the
label.) Matthew Stier
You have to have 4.1 for 2.6. The docs for Disksuite are on the cd, or
at There's a section on how to do simple things in
disksuite, and setting up a stripe is one of them. Darren Dunham
       (1) A metadevice created by striping (also called a striped
       (2) An interlaced slice that is part of a striped metadevice.
       (3) To create striped metadevices by interlacing data across slices.
       Creating a single logical device (metadevice) by transparently
distributing logical data segments across slices. The logical data segments
called stripes.
       Striping is sometimes called interlacing because the logical data
segments are distributed by interleaving them across slices.
       Striping is generally used to gain performance, enabling multiple
controllers to access data at the same time.
       Compare striping with concatenation, where data is mapped
sequentially on

1- start solstice & select DiskSuite Tool
2- from the templates (on the lsft) select 4th one down
3- from the menu on top select 2nd from left that says slices ; click on the
slice you want (Hold CTRL down for multiple slice selections)
4- now that the slices to stripe have been selected, you would drag the
onto the Concat/Stripe template; This action will pop up a window that asks
you want to create a concatenation or a stripe ( select stripe) then click
5- That's it unles you want to change the interlace value; if yes read on
6- click and hold right mouse button on Concat/Stripe template and select
info option
7- select the Custom button and put the desired value
8- click the Attach button
9- click the Accept button
10- click the Close button
11- click the Commit button
12- create and mount your file system.

metainit d1 1 4 /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx
/dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx /dev/dsk/cxtxdxsx -i nnnb

        The above set up a stripe, d1 of 4 disks with an interlace of nnn
        You can then newfs /dev/md/rdsk/d1...
        man metainit will show any other details necessary.

        Disksuite is included on the Solaris Easy Access Server 2.0
distribution, which
        comes with Solaris 2.6.

You need DiskSuite 4.1 for Solaris 2.6.
It comes supplied with Solaris, I think it is on the Solaris Server Intranet
Extension CD. Other than that, we use Raid 1 (mirroring) and Raid 5, we do
not use stripe sets. There is an online DiskSuite 4.1 reference guide at:

The Solstice Disk Suite (SDS) s/w is located on the Easy Access Server
CD. Current version is 4.2. You should be able to reload the 4.0
package SUNWmd from that CD. Bill.Sherman

Original Question
Having checked the FAQ and archives, I am still unable to determine how to
setup a stripe set on Solaris 2.6. Any suggestions or pointers would be
greatly appreciated. TIA.

The details...
We have a Sun Ultra Server 1 which currently has Solaris 2.6 installed. A
stripe set had been setup with 4 disks using Disksuite 4.0 under Solaris
2.5. Apparently during the upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6, someone deleted the
metatool software. Since the device still worked after the upgrade, the
drivers apparently were still resident. However, recently one of the stripe
set disks failed and after replacing it with a larger disk, I attempted to
redo the stripe set. However, I am unable to run the metatool software. I
found our Solaris 2.6 Server CD set, but it does not include a Disksuite CD.
I do however have the Disksuite 4.0 CD that came with the 2.5 Distribution.
Is it OK to install Disksuite 4.0 onto Solaris 2.6 or 2.7 or do I need a
compatible version. If so, where do obtain this compatible version?

I will happily summarize.......

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