SUMMARY: SunScreen EFS 2.0 on Solaris 7

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Tue Jul 06 1999 - 15:49:06 CDT

I received three replies. Thanks to:

        Rick Reineman <>
        William Jennings <>
        Mimmo Palma <>

Original question:
> SunScreen EFS 2.0 claims in its installation manual, and also on Sun's
> web page, that it requires Solaris 2.5.1 or 2.6. No mention of "or
> later".
> Is it okay to use it on Solaris 7?

The replies split. William said:

> I set up sunscreen on a sparc20 that was running solaris7 to test it out.
> It worked fine.

while Rick said:
> No, not OK. I called Sun and asked. EFS 3.0 which isn't released yet will
> work on Solaris7. I did try installing it, couldn't even get it to startup
> correctly much less configure it.

and Mimmo said:
> ...No, the installation fails!.. and seems that there is no patch available.
> Sun says to use ver. 3.0.

So, your mileage may vary. I chose to stick w/ 2.6 for now. According
to Sun's web pages, it appears that 3.0 either is shipping now or will

        David L. Markowitz Director, UNIX Software Litronic Industries

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