SUMMARY: Sharity-Light for sun4m

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 11:19:03 CDT


The only reason for having trouble building Sharity-Light.1.2 was that
my build of gcc was created on Solaris2.5. Back then we had some
minor problems with system include files I believe (like not checking
whether NBBY already was set and more....).

After building gcc for my current platform - Solaris2.6 - everything
compiled and linked fine.

Although I needed little help from the community in solving this I'd
like to thank

        Christian Starkjohann
        which showed an interrest in my problem and who wrote the software.

        Marc Boucher who did the first port to Solaris (sun4u only)
        gave me the address to Christian and couldn't help me since
        he did not have access to any sun4m workstations.
Gunther Millahn recommended Samba, which I already have running here, but
using Sharity-Light is quicker than going to a Win* computer to connect
up UNIX shares so that files can be transferred between systems; and the
operation is simpler than using smbclient (I believe). But Samba is great
for day to day work. I will mostly use Sharity-Light for quick-mounts of
Win* shares to UNIX.

Otherwise not much interrest in this problem. I guess most people wanting
to build Sharity-Light got it running first time, and didn't really
understand why I had problems. Well even simple things makes you stumble

I e-mailed the sun4m build to Christian and I guess it will show up at
their ftp site eventually....

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