Summary: UE450 with disappearing CPU

From: Bryan Mawhinney (
Date: Mon Jul 05 1999 - 01:45:55 CDT

I was just about to start swapping motherboards when I received the
following mail from Ray Trzaska (, which solved the
problem. Thanks Ray, and also to those who wrote with other suggestions.

--original message--
this is a good one, and had sun support claiming that they had never
seen this before, and then that something similar was seen in japan...
anyway it is a known problem with a simple fix , check the
upa-noprobe-list from OK prompt or eeprom command -

SRDB ID: 18357

SYNOPSIS: e450 only shows 3 out of 4 cpu's under psrinfo or prtdiag


e450 with 4 cpu's installed..
but psrinfo and/or prtdiag only show 3 of them


set the upa-noprobe-list to 0
at the OK prompt....

OK setenv upa-noprobe-list 0
OK reset-all

That's it, all 4 cpu's should now show up with psrinfo or prtdiag.


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