[2nd summary] let find to skip lost+found directory

From: Michael Wang (mwang@tech.cicg.ml.com)
Date: Fri Jul 02 1999 - 17:22:19 CDT

First of all, I would like to thank all the people who replied.
List attached below.

Many people provided answers which are correct. They don't work for me
because Solaris find will read into the directory any way, generating an error
if permission is denied, even it is supposed to be skipped. GNU's find
does not bother to read into the directory if it is supposed to be skipped.
I will report this to Sun as a bug.

This behavior is demonstrated by Patrick R. Demorais:

> From: prd@employees.org (Patrick R. Demorais)
> tricycle:/opt 635$ find . -xdev -name lost+found -prune -o -name core -print
> ./mmxp-552/sol_user/core
> tricycle:/opt 635$ type find
> find is hashed (/usr/local/bin/find)
> tricycle:/opt 636$ find --version
> GNU find version 4.1
> tricycle:/opt 639$ /bin/find . -xdev -name lost+found -prune -o -name core -print
> /bin/find: cannot read dir ./lost+found: Permission denied
> ./mmxp-552/sol_user/core
> you might want to switch.

Thanks go to all the people who replied:

Alan Orndorff
Arthur Darren Dunh
Brad Young
Brooke King
Drew Watson
E Muller
Gustavo Chaves
Jesse Adam
John Horne
Matthew Stier
Mike DeMarco
Patrick R. Demorai
Robert Hill
Roger Fujii
Ron E. Nelson
Stephen Harris

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