From: Rich Quinn (
Date: Thu Jul 01 1999 - 18:55:25 CDT

Thanks to:
Bob, Rahul, Frank, David, Scott, Johnny, and Artman for your prompt
response to
my original post which is at the bottom of this email.

The response was to simply point the LM_LICENSE_FILE variable to a port on
the license server machine thus making nfs unnecessary in this case.

# setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE 7172@mylicenseserver

where 7172 is the port of the license server and mylicenseserver is
obviously the hostname of the license server.

Thanks again and here is my original post



Could someone point me to a good URL for
installing a license server to be nfs'd
out to its clients.

Currently we have our license software
on the same machines as the products themselves.

We'd like to consolidate the licensing
software onto one machine and simply have it
serve out the licenses on an as needed basis.

We are running the same version of FLEXLM(4.1c)
across the board.


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