SUMMARY: Solaris-Adobe Products (a little long)

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Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 11:30:59 CDT

Original question and replies:

>>1. Does anyone know of any image and graphic software, that runs >>on
Solaris, like the Adobe products that can read the Adobe >>formats?

Most of you recommended GIMP from as a really good
image editinging/conversion tool. This would be fine as a replacement for
Photoshop. Image Magick was also mentioned.
No one recommended a replacement for Adobe Illustrator or a tool that could
read/import the Illustrator format.

>>2. Have any Solaris 2.6/Adobe users addressed the printing issue >>successfully.

Special thanks to Peter Wargo for setting this straight. He is running
Photoshop 3.0.1 and Illustrator 5.5 in the same environment that I will
be going to (Solaris 2.6/2.7) and has had no trouble printing using Jetadmin
and HP printers. He did recommend Jetadmin 5.15 or higher on *each* system
stating that "some features of Jetadmin don't work from a central server".

Some suggested saving the file as EPS or postscript and printing from the
OS. I thought of that but users weren't thrilled.

>>3. Has anyone tried the (Wintel version of) Adobe products on the >>Sun-PC
PCI card and if so how are the graphics (WYSIWYG?)? >>(We run Ultra 10

Apparently nobody has tried this.

Finally, to clarify the statement regarding end of support for Photoshop
and Illustrator:

I don't think it appropriate to drop a name on the list but the person
I spoke with at Adobe stated that Adobe Unix tech support had been inundated
with calls about new versions of these apps. for Solaris for a long time.
They (tech support) finally got Adobe to issue a statement that they could
pass on to customers stating that all development for these 2 apps. on
Unix is stopped with no plans for future releases. Now for the caveat:
This statement came from the same person who told me that I would not be
able to print from Photo and Illus on Solaris 2.6!! So the status as I
know it is:

For Unix/Solaris platform

Photoshop 3.0.1 - last release on Solaris - development stopped; no plans
for future releases

Illustrator 5.5 - last release on Solaris - development stopped; no plans
for future releases

Framemaker 5.5.6 - continued development and support - no plans to stop
development and support (note that ALL platforms are at the same release

Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (Exchange, Distiller, etc.) for Solaris "future uncertain
- marketing needs to look at demand for the creation of PDF files on the
Unix platform"
This also bothers me a great deal. We rely on the PDF format a great deal.
As you can see there is no mention of Acrobat 4.0 (the latest) for Unix

Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (free PDF viewer) IS available on most popular
Unix platforms. See

FYI: According to the Adobe website all of the apps. listed above ARE Y2K

Thanks to:

Peter Wargo (yeah Pete!!)
David Evans
Anthony David
John McIntyre
John Coleman
Johnny Hall

Michael J. Connolly
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C&K Components, Inc.

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