SUMMARY: Sun's TotalNet (Solaris 2.6 Server) test with NT2K?

From: ArtMan (
Date: Wed Jun 30 1999 - 04:20:48 CDT


        Sorry for the delayed SUMMARY. I only received two responses to my original
Post. What it all boils down to is "you can't hit a moving MS product".
"actually" tested the two yet... But Rick Reineman suggested to go to the
"Syntax" and get the real TAS product. Thanks to both Gary Franczyk
<> and Rick Reineman <>
for their quick responses.

My Original Post 6/19/99 at 13:33 HST:

>Hi unlimited wealth of information...
> I currently am standing up a Sun UE3500 with the Solaris 2.6
>Server packages and have been posed with a question I cannot answer from
>my NT Admin. That is "will the Solaris TotalNet File shareing service
>work with the latest Beta of MS Windows NT 2000?" Has anybody tested this?
>I would think as long as MS continued to use the SMB protocol then everything
>should work.


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