SUMMARY: Solaris x86 samba binaries

From: Franczyk, Gary (
Date: Tue Jun 29 1999 - 13:34:13 CDT

here is the original post:
> Does anyone have binaries for Samba Solaris x86 2.6? I cannot extract the
> binaries located on the Samba FTP sites for some reason... It tells me
> the file is not a "gz" file, while the extension says it is... (I think it
> may be a hosed file).

Nobody was able to get me the binaries... a lot of people pointed me to, but I had already checked there and it does not have
solaris 2.6 binaries for Samba.

I did get some good information from several people.
1. Netscape and other browsers at times automatically decompress .gz files
when downloading, which explains why my file was a .cpio file, not a
.cpio.gz file.
2. I have an incompatible cpio version....

Thanks to:
Roger Klorese
Horacio Lopez
Lars Balker Rasmussen
Vjay Lescoe
Daniel Polombo
Zion Huang

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