SUMMARY how to globally change the NIS+ passwd file

From: Dave Martini (
Date: Mon Jun 28 1999 - 17:27:41 CDT

Hi here was my original question most people said to write a script
to do it and gave examples.

Hi, I want to expire all my NIS+ user accounts in the nispasswd file so that
the user will have to enter a new password the next time they log in.

Can anyone please tell me the command to change all user accounts at the
time to expired or am I going to have to change each one individually in the

Is expired the way to go if I want them to have to set a new password and
to type in their old password?


Dave Martini

How about a simple script to run the passwd -f command. Such as:

foreach username(`awk '{print $1}' /etc/passwd`)
        /usr/bin/passwd -r nisplus -f $username

No one command, but this will do the trick.

awk -F ":" '$3 > 100 { print "passwd -f",$1}' /etc/passwd | /bin/sh


for U in awk -F ":" '$3 > 100 {print $1}' /etc/passwd
   passwd -f $U

Choose a UID high enough to avoid the root, bin, DBA and other users you
don't want to do this to.


I dont know how proficient you are with scripting, but this is what I would

nidaddent -d shadow > /tmp/nisshadow

That will put the NIS shadow file into a text file named /tmp/nisshadow.
Then, write a script that manually changes the expiration of the passwords
on that file.

Then, when you are done,
nisaddent -mvt shadow /tmp/nisshadow

That will merge the /tmp/nisshadow file back into the NIS+ shadow map.

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