Summary: Workstations delieve local mail to mail server.

From: Douglas S. Hagan (
Date: Sat Jun 26 1999 - 23:47:05 CDT

Most people responded telling me to setup a null client configuration.
But the answer from "Carsten B. Knudsen" <> was the most
useful. Original question is at the bottom of the message.

> Well, I'm not much of a sendmail expert, but I have been fiddling a bit
> with the following with some degree of success :-)
> ------
> # who I send unqualified names to (null means deliver locally)
> # who gets all local email traffic ($R has precedence for unqualified
> # names)
> # who I masquerade as (null for no masquerading)
> # class L: names that should be delivered locally, even if we have a
> # relay
> # class E: names that should be exposed as from this host, even if we
> # masquerade
> #CLroot
> CEroot
> CEroot

Several other suggested putting an entry in /etc/aliases for each user,
with 5000 (going to 12000) users we decided this was probably not the
right answer.

Finally some people suggest using DNS MX records, this only works if the
mail is properly address, if there is no @hostname, the mail was still
delievered locally.

Thanks to everyone below for the help.
Stephen Harris <>
"Leonard, Roger" <>
"Sue Peterson" <>
Robert Hayne <>
Frank Velazquez <>
Charlie Mengler <>
"David H. Brierley" <>
"Jonathon W. Ross" <>
"Carsten B. Knudsen" <>
Craig Bevins <>
Gerard HENRY <>
Bertrand Hutin <>
Jan-Olaf Droese <>
Jochen Bern <>
todd a fiedler <>
Gerard HENRY <>
Phil Ritzenthaler <>
Michael Sullivan <>

!!Original Question!!

We currently hgave about 300 Sun Workstations deployed in our operation.
They work wonderful, and with NIS and NFS are much less of a pain to
than their counterpart PC's running NT. But we are having a problem.

Most of our users when they try to send mail will simply type the
username and not the hostname of the mail server. This causes the
to try and deliever the mail to the machine locally. We kludged this
problem by NFS mounted the mail store on some of the workstation, but
is not a solution. So my question is

"How can we get our workstations to always deliever mail to the mail

Setting the mailhost in the hosts file will only forward along the mail
that has the host defined.

                        Douglas S. Hagan <>

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