From: F.M. Taylor (
Date: Fri Jun 25 1999 - 14:14:51 CDT

This fixes the problem. And as usual, it was something that was
documented but I overlooked. Ant thanks to Dale Wiles
<dwiles@Buffalo.Veridian.Com> for pointing it out.

> > I have compiled PGP5.0i on my sun box SunOS saphire 5.7 Generic sun4u
> > sparc SUNW,Ultra-1 using gcc 2.7.2. It seems to compile and install of,
> > however when generating a key with pgpk -g everything goes fine until the
> > actual key generation where it fails with signal 10.

> This was in the bug section of the There is is bug in
> the sources with Solaris if HAVE64 is defined.
> To fix it, you need to override a test in 2 places in
> lib/pgp/include/pgpUsuals.h.
> Search pgpUsuals.h for HAVE64, and undefine *BOTH* tests. (And I do mean
> test, don't just set HAVE64 to 0. Comment out the entire test.)

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