SUMMARY: Solaris installation problem on x86!!!

From: Tekin Gulsen (
Date: Thu Jun 24 1999 - 23:31:36 CDT

I'm sorry.. I sent the previous e-mail by mistake without completing. This
is the actual one. Sorry for inconvenience..

Hello everybody,

Here's a little late summary of the "partial" solution of the installation
problem. My original question is at the end of the e-mail.

I had a problem with my video card and I got stuck in kdmconfig
configuration. So what I did is, I by-passed the kdm configuration and
installed the OS. And at the end of installation I was prompted for that
last ATI driver diskette. Afterwards, I tried to configure kdm but
unfortunatelly I got the same problem. I can use "16 color Standard VGA" but
obviously the colors, resolution etc. are not proper.

So the distilled summary is: When there's a problem with one of the drivers
(keyboard, video card, mouse) you can always skip kdm configuration during
the installation and if you have an extra driver update diskette you'll be
prompted to use that.

The exact name of my video card is: ATI 3D Rage IIC. I can't find this name
in kdm config list but I saw this card's name in one the lists of supported
cards. Actually I have a feeling that this card is not supported.

In this case, I think I can do one of 2 things: I can either try to find the
"exact" driver for this card, which I really don't think that I'll be able
to because I searched a lot. Or I can put an other video card. Here comes an
other question into picture: My original video card is on board. So if I put
an other video card will I be able to use the second card or will the
one be the default.

Does anybody have an experience with having 2 video cards in a machine? I
think I can choose which one I wanna use can't I?

Here are the gentlemen who shared their ideas with me: (Thank you very
-John D Groenveld
-Karl W MacMillan
-David Evans
-Roger Fujii
-Todd A Fiedler
-Jonathan Loh


Tekin Gulsen
System Engineer - Azerty Inc
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-------------------------- Here's my original
>-----Original Message-----
>From: Tekin Gulsen <>
>Date: Monday, June 21, 1999 9:53 PM
>Subject: Solaris installation problem on x86!!!
>>Hello everybody,
>>I've a weird problem with installing Solaris2.6 on a x86 system. Here's
>>summary of the problem;
>>1. I booted the PC with the original Solaris2.6 Device Configuration
>>Assistant floppy. After detecting the devices, I chose the installation
>>media which is CD and installation type which is "Solaris Interactive".
>>After this time, kernel's booted and I chose the language and USA-English
>>(ASCII) installation. In the "kdmconfig configuration" screen, the video
>>card was listed as "ATI MACH64 (Rage series)". When I skip the test for X
>>configuration during the installation, I encounter such an error message:
>>"Starting Openwindows.
>>Could not find a MACH64 controller
>>Couldn't probe screen #0
>>Fatal Server Error:
>>InitOutput: Addscreen failed for SUNWati
>>giving up.
>>/usr/openein/bin/xinit: Connection reset by peer (errno 131): unable to
>>connect to X server
>>/usr/openwin/bin/xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error."
>>I also tried to test but nothing changed.. the error message was:
>>"Could not find a MACH64 controller
>>Couldn't probe screen #0
>>Fatal Server Error:
>>Initoutput: AddScreen failed for SUNWati
>>XIO: fatal IO error 146 (Connection refused) on X server "unix:0.0" after
>>requests (0known processed) with 0 events remaining.
>>Starting Openwindows...
>>Could not find a MACH64 controller
>>Couldn't probe screen #0
>>Fatal Server Error:
>>InitOutput: Addscreen failed for SUNWati
>>giving up.
>>/usr/openein/bin/xinit: Connection reset by peer (errno 131): unable to
>>connect to X server
>>/usr/openwin/bin/xinit: No such process (errno 3): Server error."
>>After these messages, the installation aborts and comes to the prompt.
>>2. Afterwards, I created new version of boot and Devices Update floppies
>>(DU3) and an extra diskette for ATI drivers. I booted with the new DU3
>>diskette and chose "Driver Update" and used 3 DU diskettes to install the
>>drivers. After this step the rest of the installation was exactly the same
>>(including the error messages I was getting):) According to the
>>documentation, it's supposed to ask if there's any additional driver
>>diskette for video etc.
>>After these scenerios, my questions are:
>>- Is it possible to continue installation in ASCII mode without
>>so that I don't get these messages and installation is not aborted and
>>I can configure X later.
>>-Do you think this is the video card driver problem or is it something
>>-How can I update ATI drivers during the installation with the extra DU
>>diskette? I'm never prompted to use it..
>>I hope this is an easy and stupid question and has a very simple solution.
>>Any ideas, suggestions or answers will be GREATLY appreciated. If you need
>>more detailed info. pls. let me know. I've been working in this problem
>>a long time and I tried so many things but unfortunatelly I couldn't go
>>step further. I couldn't go further but I'm almost going nuts:)
>>I'll summarize if there's a general idea or solution behind this problem.
>>Thank you in advance...
>>Tekin Gulsen
>>Azerty Inc - Systems Engineer
>>Office: (800) 888-8080 Ext:2216

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