SUMMARY: quotacheck and du disagreement

From: Laszlo Ernesto de Miranda Pinto (
Date: Wed Jun 23 1999 - 15:00:17 CDT

   I received some answers, suggesting to user lsof or fuser to find
out if there is some process with open files. As the machine is our
NFS server, the only processes were the nfsd and rpc.ttdbserverd.
My next tries will be to restart the NFS server processes, and maybe
run an fsck on the file system. We have other file systems with quotas,
without this behaviour.

   I also received an answer about a Solaris 7 bug. I forgot in my last
mail, the machine is running 2.5.1, without patches (it's kinda hard to
stop our main file server...) So, the problem continues. If I find out
something new, I'll let you know.

   Thanks to:
Allan West <>
Brian Friday <>
Rich Quinn <>
"David.Anthony" <>

  Original question:

> Hi,
> This weekend some of our users reported a strange behaviour of our quota
>system. After they passed their hard limit, they removed some of their files,
>but their quota wasn't updated. We already had this kind of problem, and a
>'quotacheck' run had solved it. But this time, it didn't work.
> I checked everything I could think. I did a find on the file system, but
>no other files were found. I turned the quotas off and on, checking in between.
>I even created a new, clean quota file, but had no luck. I checked the archives
>and the solution I found was to check if there is some process with open files.
>As the file system is mounted by NFS, I don't really know where to check for
>processes. In my client machines I didn't found anything. Is it possible for
>the NFS server process to have the files open ?
> I also checked for patches, and I found 104182-01 (quotacheck) and
>105340-04 (quota and repquota). However, they are not available on Sunsolve.
> For now I "solved" the problem granting a higher quota to the users, but
>I would like to know how can I really solve it.

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