SUMMARY: Majordomo dies.

From: Leif Ericksen (
Date: Mon Jun 21 1999 - 08:29:14 CDT

Ok I had three responses thus far and have solved the problem. Thomas Erickson Roger Klorese
one form a .edu that I lost... Sorry....

All three folks reminded me of the security of senmail 8.9.3 and how
permissions have to be set. Well I did a little checking and found that
I had missed that chown, and chmod step in the setup. I then quickly
checked my logs today and did not see any complaints from sendmail about
permissions being set wrong. The only errors I received seemed come
form one of 15 mailing lists. Now I am feeling a little silly I have
only installed sendmail 8.9X on three servers succussfuly and on the
fourth try I blow it. (incidienly the fourth server was the only one
running majordomo.)

Now maybe I will dig even deeper into the logs to make sure that I did
not over look an error message.

                                -- Leif Ericksen

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